I feel on top of the world! Out of breath, struggling up a boggy slope. That’s exactly what an office lifestyle will do to you if not balanced with some honest exercise. It was worth it for the view, the Lake District really is god’s country. I took the below photos, it was effortless for the camera.


Why is it that the most beautiful places in the world don’t have mobile signal? It’s either a coincidence or a reason why they are beautiful. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then my eyes require less internet connected fodder. At times I still found myself mindlessly scrolling through social media updates, an unhealthy habit that only teaches me that 90% of the social media shares are nonsense, irrelevant or worse, uncalled for.

Before going to the Lake District I popped over to one of my favourite travel bloggers, Adventurous Kate. I had the privilege of meeting her face-to-face in Rotterdam at a travel blogging conference in 2013. A lot (I gather in both of our lives) has changed since then, but I still make an active effort to keep on top of her posts. Funnily enough, she published about her trip to the Lake District in January. Having returned from my holiday, I can picture some of the spots where she may have captured those landscapes. After a long weekend staying in a quaint cottage sitting by a fire, only a week would have been long enough!


The point of this blog post is this; sometimes to be professionally successful, you need to disconnect. This is especially true in the PR industry where we tend to be tied to emails, contractually responsible for social media, and (if agency side) constantly changing subject and sector topics in the mind. It’s demanding but rewarding, but will take its toll on the body unless you take the opportunity to disconnect. Unwind by admiring the rolling hills of the English countryside?


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