Happy New Year! Another year, 12 months to make a difference.

If you’ve been following my writing for the last few years you may know that on January 1st I focus on three words that I use as a guide for the rest of the year. I use these words to refocus my efforts as the months roll on.

The dates for ‘my three words’ span from my University years, through various stages of my career, to now; a digital account director. A lot has changed over the years, priorities change. One thing for certain, it’s been a real adventure and I’m damn lucky. Some people wish away their entire lives, surviving for the weekend. Not me.

Click on the dates for the blog posts written at the time:

2015: Charity. Creativity. Insight.

2014: Balance. Contribute. Health.

2013: Stability. Growth. Decisiveness.

2012: Missed this year. It was also fairly unsuccessful.

2011: Understand. Grow. Support.

Deep down I knew one word would be change for 2015. I changed my job, where I lived, and possibly matured my mindset; it’s incredible how different I feel from my 24-year-old (2014) self.

I’ve provided consultancy to 40+ organisations, including charities and social enterprises. This was only possible through support by family, friends and colleagues — plus tireless revision/reading. It was a year full of charity, creativity, and insight.

Now it’s time to look ahead to 2016; over the next 12 months what should my three words be?

My three words for 2016

Coaching — Without the help, support, and belief of family, friends and colleagues I wouldn’t be where I am today. I never forget this and must now owe the world something in return, by better supporting the personal and professional journeys of others. I consider this one of my most important career objectives for this year.

Charity — For the first time ever I’m repeating a word from a previous year. You can never have enough charity and I can always do more. Last year I did more charity based work than 2014, in 2016 I want to make a bigger impact. Perhaps even commit to a cause I’m passionate about? We’ll see.

Adumbrate — This is a deep one. It’s possible to know the mere outline of yourself, of your personality, but require it to be ‘filled in’. By this I mean building on my passions such as philosophy, critical thinking, and getting involved in causes I believe in. Having a more personally wholesome New Year.

Michael White, APPC quiz

So there we go, my three words for 2016. Let’s hope the year lives up to 2015.

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